Gamepad won't connect to the Wii U console


The gamepad works fine. It powers on, so I think the issue is with the console itself. I keep getting a message that says the gamepad can't connect to the console, please move the gamepad closer to the console and that if the problem persists to turn the console off and then back on. I tried doing this but to no avail. I also tried syncing the gamepad and the console. Nothing is working!

So it sounds like the problem is with the console. I don't know which country you live in, but you should probably look into contacting Nintendo. Or you could do a little research if there's somewhere local you can get it fixed.
it's probably the console itself. I had a similar problem. Turns out the Bluetooth tech used inside the console to connect to the gamepad stopped functioning properly and I had to send it to Nintendo to get it fix.

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