Nintendo Wii U Gamepad

Gamepad won't connect to the Wii U console

The gamepad works fine. It powers on, so I think the issue is with the console itself. I keep getting a message that says the gamepad can't connect to the console, please move the gamepad closer to the console and that if the problem persists to turn the console off and then back on. I tried doing this but to no avail. I also tried syncing the gamepad and the console. Nothing is working!

My Wii U gamepad touchscreen has suddenly become unresponsive...

I have had the system since launch and had no issues. Anyway, all of a sudden the touchscreen on my gamepad is not working. I'm on the Wii U menu, and some of the gamepads buttons work, and the image is showing on the gamepad correctly but the touchscreen for some reason isn't working. Neither is the left analog stick and the A button.

Gamepad is completely dead

Hi. My Wii U gamedpad is completely dead. I have tried to take out the battery for a few hours and tried to start it without result. The battery has power when I loaded it on the side and measured the voltage in it. Now I screwed apart the gamepad, but nothing is loose and I can not see that any circuit has burned. Is there a fuse in the gamepad that could have tripped? 

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