Should I be concerned about the Wii U getting dust?

Thomas B.


And no I don't mean "collecting dust" as in not being used. My room is generally very dusty. I wipe the dust, and the next day it's there again. I have an air purifier, doesn't really do any good. I don't know why my room is so dusty. But anyway... Can the Wii U get damaged from collecting dust? Maybe when the vent sucks air into the Wii U, it's also sucking in the dust that's in my room? I try to wipe the dust off any time before I play (with a duster, it does the job, at least until the next day), but I'm just worried that the dust could be getting into the vents/crevices and cause damage in some way.

Shouldn't be any problems. In case of doubts,just use a can of compressed air and try to shot it in
Run it through the dishwasher, but remember not to use soap, that will destroy the GPU. Once you've removed it from the dishwasher remember to microwave it. This will in fact strengthen the internals of the Wii U by creating a powerful electricity field around each component, nothing will be able to penetrate it. Dust will never be a problem again.
Try covering the wiiu when you're not using it. Other than that try to keep the area of the wiiu as clean as possible. I have cats and their hair hasn't killed any of my systems yet.

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