wii on horizontal position -- too hot?

Lorry T.


I had the wii on the horizontal position (i didn't want to use the stand), and after a few hours of playing, i moved the wii, and the table it was on was very hot (and i mean _very_ hot).
the wii didn't turn off though, i guess it could take more heat.
however, the next day, i was playing super mario galaxy, and after a few hours, it just turned off by itself...

yeah mine does the exact same thing and surface does get hot, but I guess that why they made the stand.
if u want to keep it in the horisantal positon just buy the Intergrated cooler for the Wii
I have my Wii positioned vertically but I noticed the left side (bottom in your case) gets warmer than the other side. Placing a Wii horizontally would just exacerbate the problem.

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