Wii U FAIL: Can't read perfect disk

Mike T.


This has been happening to me for awhile now,

- This happened to me with NSMBU when I first used the Wii U console. I didn't use the included stands Played it fine. After I was done playing. I put the icluded console stands on the console. The next day I tried play NSMBU but the dsic wouldn't read. So I removed the stands and lay the console flat. Since then no problems with playing games Do use the included console stand seemed to be the solution.
- my wii u has only done it once, and it was because of finger prints , be careful these disc are like blurays- finger print magnets and one finger print will be enough for it not to be read.
- The occassional disc-read error is apparently caused by having your console placed in the verticle position. I've yet to experience it personally so I'm unable to confirm whether that's actually the case.

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