Wii U wont connect to TV/ Help


I just purchased a wii u and I tried connecting it to the TV but It said no signal. My game pad connects to the wii u but says I should put in a pattern as shown on the TV but I cant see it!

Try scanning through all HDMI inputs your tv has. Make sure the HDMI cable is plugged in solidly at both ends. Turn off the WiiU and Tv. Then turn on the tv first, WiiU second. Perhaps you set the resolution for the WiiU to something your tv couldn't handle?
"I'd try on a different TV and see what happens. Sometimes there are compatibility issues with certain models. Not too common but then again your problem isn't common so... And I'd try turning everything off, unplugging,plugging back in, then turning on the Wii U by pressing power on the Gamepad, then try it all over again pressing power on the console."

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