Wii U isn't showing up on TV


It was working fine yesterday and has never done this. My gamepad is showing everything, HDMI is plugged into the tv and wii u, power block in and in Wii U. I looked it up other places and it says to change your resolution from your gamepad, and it said it unable to change resolution. Help????

You sure no one has messed with the TV's settings? It could be in a certain mode that's preventing you from changing it.
"Did you already try another HDMI port? Maybe that could solve the problem. You could also try to restore the factory settings on your TV. This is a trial and error situation. It could be anything. And some weird solution could help. If really nothing helps, your Wii U might be broken. =/"
"I have had a similar problem when the HDMI cord wasn't fully plugged in It felt fully plugged in but it needed to go in a little more"

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