This Switch keeps changing the channel on my TV


I been having this issue when I'm playing my Wii u and all of a sudden my switch is on screen, I dunno why it keep happening but it does, only when docked. I even put it on sleep mode before docking, and after docking. Anyone else have this issue? By the way I have it connected to a HDMI splitter cause my tv doesn't have enough HDMI inputs for all 6 of of my consoles, so one is connected to them for 3 extra ones and the switch/wii u/android tv is connected to it. I been thinking about getting another one since I do need more and don't like constantly switching my cables around, one with a smart device and remote. 

"-Head to the Settings tile on the Switch Home Screen -Find TV Settings near the bottom of Settings and tap OK -Find Match TV Power State and hit OK to toggle the feature to OFF -Press the Home button on your Switch controller "

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