Help my 3DS's touchscreen does not work at all!!!



My 3DS's touchscreen does not work at all, nothing, nada. Yesterday I had just whached the treler for Luigi's Manson: Dark Moon, than after I closed it the touchscreen mostly stopped working, so I tried to calibrate it, at first it seemed to be working, than the touchscreen stopped working, I tried everything I can think of!!!

I would send it in definitely. Call them up and tell them about your problem. Or just call a local repair shop
I just have to ask: did you try rebooting it? i.e. Shutting the power off completely (not sleep mode) for at least a minute, and then turning it back on?
Check under the frame around the touch screen. Since the Cree is only single touch, if any residue touches it, it can't sense anything else. Use a new toothbrush around the frame to get rid I the muck.

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