The dock is scratching the Switch’s screen


I've only used my Nintendo Switch a handful of times since I got it, and when I removed it from its dock today, a long scratch ran down the surface of the sceen. I would have bought a screen protector immediately if I had known this was going to be an issue, but I expect higher quality from Nintendo since every system I've gotten from them has been sturdy. It seems like making the dock able to cradle the Switch without causing scratches would have been a huge priority when designing it. This is really disappointing, since this is the first console I bought on day one. I don't want to have to replace it, but this really irritating. Is there anyway to repair it? Can something be done to the dock to fix this? Thanks.

If you put the switch back into the dock at a slight angle, it can cause the screen to be scratched, which can be remedied by taping some microfiber cloth or small pieces of foam into the dock to protect against further scratches.
Should you want to buy a thematic cozy to cover the dock, they are available here:

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